(1) The customer has the right to cancel the order or replace it within 3 working days of receiving the product with shipping the product to the GTC address at the customer’s account without prejudice to what is mentioned in point (2)

(2) In the event of cancellation or modification of the order after receiving it by the shipping company, the customer will not be compensated for the fees for delivering the order to him.

Items damaged due to shipping:

(3) Communication will take place within 48 hours from the date of receiving the shipment with an explanation of the manifestations of damage in a picture that is sent to the customer service attached to the order number, and the customer will be compensated for the same damaged product or its value as available.

(4) The customer is not entitled to claim anything if more than the period specified above (48 hours) has passed.

Tools that have a manufacturer defect:

(5) Communication will be made by the customer within 3 days only from the date of receiving the shipment, and the customer must ship the product to the address of a company in the same original condition and if it is found that there is a defect or damage in it, the customer will be compensated for the same product or its value according to the availability with all shipping costs incurred by GTC, provided that the freight value does not exceed the customer’s invoice, and the customer does not have the right to claim anything in the event that more than the period specified above (3 days) has passed or in the event that the defect results from misuse and storage (it is possible to coordinate with the store to return the shipment through the shipping companies that deal with him. Store in this case)

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